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things really do crawl in the darkness
but these demons and monsters
are nothing compared to a
single, mad, man.

what horror can drooling fiends
invoke that a child wouldn't
laugh at?

the mind of man is far more
dangerous than any teeth
or tentacles.

the monsters are only physically
aien and can gnaw and
chew your flesh.

man, on the other hand, can
imagine infinitely more cruel

luckily few have the will to
enact them though and
for that, be thankful.

the old monsters are
all but dead, killed
by the new breed


token love
i took a shiny token from the gutter

once, it said it was love, something inside me
agreed, i put
love, as i called it now,
into my back pocket (for safekeeping),
i kept it there, safe(and dark), for some time, until
one day, while fetching my wallet, that

shiny token love, dropped
into the muck and mud,
while i wasn't paying much attention
at all,
it rolled off
unseen, back into its

comfortable gutter.

you breathe life into me. warm me, give me reason to wake, reason
to stay. provide me with reason, whe i have none. your
indifference frightens me. i dnow that you don't care, yet, i can't
change how i feel. no one understands. my friends tell me to leave
you, that it will be better for me in the long run. i can't. i don't
want to. at times you are the only constant. with too much time
spent together you are cold, i understand. no one knows me like
you do. we can sit, without words, for hours and just know. just
know what the other thinks. the others mood. i'm at ease with you.
not rushed or trying to impress or prove. you calm me, relax me.
you weren't always so cold. like all relationships we started with
fire in our bellies. the way it should be. but, like all relationships,
over time our passion has tamed. tempered. we've tried to revive
what we had. it didn't work, does it ever? our only hope is to stay
friends, parting, and try again with someone else.
ps: found someone new. think it's real this time. said the strangest
thing the other day. said, "you breathe life into me. warm me..."

two Toms are talking
a short guy walks into a bar. the smoke hits him. so thick it hurts.
steps up to order. whiskey and water. thanks. leaves shit for a tip.
turns, lookng for a booth. it's empty tonight. some old and familiar
regulars, even a few new faces. it's all ways the same. empty table
along the wall, he takes it. looks around through his drink. dark
glasses. wide brimmed hats and long coats. it's the same every
night. looks to the corner. two Toms are talkng. the poet and the
singer he's met them both. the poet is too far gone but the singer is
alright. can't get enough to drink though, any of them. off to the
bar. whiskey & water. thanks. no tip. turns. slams into buk, spilling
both their drinks. shit, i'm sorry man. it's alright. let me buy you
another. what'll you have? whiskey&water. hey, bartender, two
whiskey&waters. here you go, i'm buk. i know, thanks. do you
know me? not really, just read some of your stuff. oh, fuck, not
another one. buk left. went somewhere in the back. probably a
private room. sit back down. few hours pass. quite a few drinks.
someone sits next to him. i'm bill. i'm chris. good to meet you,
have you read me chris? some. what did you think? you're long
winded and rhyme too much. who are you to criticize me, i'm
William Bla... someone interupts. shut the fuck up willie, we all
know who the hell you are. bill seemed pissed. he gets up and quit
the scene altogether. touchy bastard. some guys just can't take a
joke. blake's his favorite poet actually. great. i just pissed on Blake.
heh, fuck it. i'll go talk with the Toms.

© Copyright 2001 Wildfire Productions. All Rights Reserved.