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Single Again

Time to go back to war
As pure as yesterday
What once got me by the pubic bone
Avenging latex enforcement
She thought an open-window was the washing machine
My clothes whispering to the street, fluttering, settling
Or are they dying vultures, suicidal champagne spills
Skydiver skinny dipping the sky
In big black blots

Geli Tripping

In the garden
Looking for trouble
Geli by the fountain
Mirrored dress for travel
Her owl in the laurel
By labyrinthine hedge and statue shadow
Love's ornate escape
A punished insanity
Geli sings

*quot;Hid you behind blue
Light of noon
Lose you in hazy blue

Vermilion locks sword shorn
The key in her tiny hand
Stalking her soft offered palm
'Tween peaks of her fingerprint deep
Her owl asleep
Singing dreamlings
Her valentine clash a forge
A sentient burning touch
Sears the Venus-hair fern by the fountain
But it is her turn to use
A moonlit stone to flesh illusion
Put a fool's heart in my head
Make me love a statue instead

© Copyright 2001 Wildfire Productions. All Rights Reserved.